Friday, March 2, 2012

Let it Glow

After spending the weekend with my technical adviser (brother in law Bob...who somehow knows how to do EVERYTHING!) I have finished my piece "Glowing With Vitality". This electrifying piece was created in an antique quack medical device called a vitilator (see previous post). I crammed as many wired dolls as I could get into the old wooden box in the compartment that used to hold all of the vaguely terrifying attachments that the vitalator came with. And under the original control dash board, that I moved from the back of the box to the front, Bob helped me install a rheostat that turns the girls from a warm low glow to the full wattage impact. And of course, I added the printed text in small frames I affixed to the box lid.


Kathleen Sigg said...

This is an amazing piece! But then I think all of your pieces are amazing.

Name: Roberta said...

Great piece!! I love it!