Tuesday, February 21, 2012


It ALWAYS helps to have friends in the right places. One of my dear friends just happens to do volunteer work at a thrift store in Boulder and when something that she thinks I may be interested in comes in for donation she alerts me. Several months ago she called me to tell me about an antique device the thrift store had obtained called a Vitalator.I did a little research on the device and told my friend that OF COURSE I want it.

The Vitalator is a quack "violet ray high frequency" electro medical appliance. This British device made between 1900 and 1925 was supposed to promote health and vitality. Users would apply the attachments to various parts of the body with supposedly miraculous effects.

Enter a cast of dolls I have had for several years whose lack of hair and general pallor suggest the need for a miraculous healing device. I decided that they would all have light bulbs sprouting from their heads and that they would be "Glowing With Vitality" (that will be the title of this piece). The wiring is gonna be tricky so I am waiting for my tech adviser, my brother in law Bob, to come visit before this piece can come together. I will most certainly let you know when it does!

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