Friday, May 20, 2011

Thank you mystery person

Yes it HAS been a year since I last posted. Does this post mean that I have mended my ways and will work to be a better blogger in the future? Ummmm.....I'd love to say "yes", but I happen to know myself well enough to know that I could disappear again at any time from the blogoshere.

What has prompted me after this loooooong time away to make a new post is that last week I received a mystery gift. There it was on my front porch when I went out to get my newspaper in the morning. Someone left a demented baby head night light for me! Baby's head is hollow and there is a small light bulb inside that shines through baby's open mouth in a slightly sinister fashion. I have asked just about everyone I know if they are responsible for this magnificently
weird gift and NO ONE has fessed up. It has to have been someone who knows what kind of art I make and my love of all things odd. If any of you out there knows anything about this mystery...please let me know!!!!!


Amanda Trought said...

The mystery is great, looking forward to seeing what you create! Loved visiting your blog, will take a stroll over to your website!

Amanda - Realityarts-Creativity
Art Blog

michelle said...


Martha Cashman said...

Hello from Ireland I lov your work I have been making box frames for some time now and really have been inspired to continue now that I have found you it is truthfully amazing work PLEASE come visit us here andexhbibit sooooooon

Melissa Baker Lv,Nv said...

Your Baby head night light brings back huge memories for me. My Mother had one of these and put in my room I have always loved dolls and loved this night light! It got misplaced,broken or left behind during one of her moves.I was actually looking for a replacement of it when I came across your page. I can tell you that mom would have been 75years old this August she had the nightlight long before I came along so I would age this item anytime before 1968.Thank you for posting the picture :)