Tuesday, March 23, 2010


One of the coolest aspects of making art is to see what emerges from the unconscious...that place where creativity is born. So it always interests me to notice when I fall into creating pieces that have a unified theme without my having consciously chosen to do so. In just this last month I have completed three "rider" pieces that feature figures mounted on animals. Not only is the "journey" aspect meaningful in these pieces, but the steeds that the figures are riding say so much about their journey.

"Wild Rider" A journey to the wild side of our nature.

"Pink Rider" A journey to the feminine side of our soul.

"Slow Rider" A journey to that fanciful, more relaxed and slower part of us.

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Wrapper said...

Found objects have their own way of inserting their own 2-cents into the matter. You have done well developing the idea with simplicity. Good work, I look forward to following your progress.