Monday, November 2, 2009

I can see clearly now

During Open Studios Tour I had one assemblage piece that I had just started so that I could let peeps see what one of my pieces in it's beginning stage looks like. Basically I had constructed the box and I had the first coat of a mixture of gel medium and molding paste (with a touch of sawdust for texture) brushed over the entire box. And I had the nine doll heads for this piece decapitated and I had filled their empty heads with bondo and resin and made wire sprout from each head with a rusted bell hanging from each wire. And of course I knew what the text was going to be..."Moments Of Clarity". DING! But at Open Studios time I still had no idea what background I would use for the piece and of course the box needed all it's finished paint, glaze, and wax coating. So here I am one month later with that beginning assemblage in all it's finished glory.


cat said...

Very awesome piece!! Love your use of doll heads!

HeArt Collective said...

fascinating... love the work... wish i were still in your neighborhood so that i could come stick my nose up close to each of your pieces!

happy saturday!