Friday, October 16, 2009

Indian Summer

Less than a week ago on Saturday it was snowing and COLD in Boulder, a very definite reminder that the cocooning time of winter is soon upon us. So as the week has offered up some stunningly warm sunny days I have taken advantage of the indian summer (is that a politically correct term?) to head for the mountains and my favoritest hike. Food for the soul. I breathed in the sharp pine aromas at the beginning of the hike that give way to a sweeter, lighter smell at the end of the trail. I was accompanied by the sounds of a billion pine needles encountering a gentle wind, the light rattle of the dry Aspen leaves, and the chirp and chatter of the forest critters. I have hiked this trail with beaucoup friends, but this was my first solo and I took the time to do a little photo documentation...even though the exquisite beauty simply can not be captured.

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