Saturday, September 19, 2009

Fit For Public Consumption

I have started the process of making my studio fit for public consumption. The Boulder Open Studios Tour will be taking place the weekends of Oct. 3&4, and 10&11 and I want to present my studio in an totally unrealistic, cleanly and organized fashion. Perhaps I ought to leave the studio in it's naturally chaotic state, but I'm afraid there would be numerous incidents of people tripping, falling, and bringing large law suits against me. So...I clean.

I made a big ass collage piece to show at the Open Studios show at the Boulder Public Library. The collage measures 38" x 38" and it is my valentine to Colorado in general and Boulder in particular. In the collage I have used vintage drawings and photos of Boulder, vintage postcards of Colorado, a cut up vintage Colorado road map, along with botanical drawings of pine trees, grasses, and sunflowers. And I also used rocks from my backyard placed in a niche in the collage. The text "Rocky Road" refers not only to the Rockies, but to the rocky road I traveled in my life to finally get here to the place I finally feel home. The library show is up right now and will be there through the open studios tour.

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