Friday, June 26, 2009

Slim Pickins

I used to love scouring the antique malls in search of the good stuff to use for assemblage and collage. These days it seems harder and harder to find that good stuff for an anywhere near reasonable price. More and more the "antiques" are a collection of stuff you could find at a thrift store for a tenth of the price.

During the trip my sisters and I made to Illinois to bury my mom's ashes beside my dad's grave we stopped at several antique malls and most were really disappointing. One shop that was housed in an old ballroom that my sister and I visited several years ago was a pitiful shadow of it's former self. It seemed to be on the verge of extinction. But...I did manage to bag a few goodies and I wanted share them with you.


Kerin said...

Hi Patricia!

Congrats in advance for getting on the Altered Bits LOVE page! I heard from a little birdie named Alicia that you were the next chosen one! And I think she made a great choice as I love your work!!!

Is it OK to link to your blog from ours?!?!? Congrats again!


Patricia Chapman said...

Thanks! Alicia is such a sweet heart! I feel honored to have been selected. And yes, yes, yes...I'd love to swap links!

layers said...

I have your name written here on a piece of paper at my computer and could not remember why so here I am checking out your blog. I am new with 2 week old blog and my memory is not too good. But I have already discovered Alicia and Kerin so that is good. I agree with you that it is getting harder and harder to find good 'stuff'---I have been collecting stuff for some time--- doll heads and hands and so on along with rusty and worn things and they are getting scarce. But the search is still fun.