Saturday, June 20, 2009


This next week I'm going on a road trip with a special mission involved. I leave tomorrow morning to drive to Lincoln, Nebraska where my two sisters live. From Lincoln we sisters are going to drive to the tiny town of Raymond, Illinois where my dad was born and raised, where we visited our grandparents every year when we were young, and where my dad is buried.
A couple of years ago when my mom died, my sisters and I discussed what we would do with mom's ashes. We all decided to take her ashes to Raymond and sprinkle them over my dad's grave...and that is our mission next week. To reunite our parents.

We also plan to visit every promising antique mall we find throughout the Illinois countryside.
So there will be laughing, and crying, and antiquing, and adventure, and love. Now ain't that pretty damn fine?


leighanna light said...

Well thanks god- at least they won't be sitting on your desk by your computer in a peanut butter jar anymore!
I will never ever forget that!

Patricia Chapman said...

Yes...I finally manged to free momma dear from the peanut butter jar.

Julie Gerleman said...

What a sweet story Pat. It was good to meet you last week at the Boulder Open Studios thing. Your blog is fun and I love your sense of style!

Pat said...

I started reading your blog and was fascinated to the point that I got all the back to June 2009 when I spotted the words Raymond, Illinois! My mother was born there in 1912. Many Weitekamps are still living there...including my Aunt Rosalie Convery, mama's sister. Visited there many times as a child and have wonderful memories. Would love to find out more about your dad (name, birthday, etc) Hey, what if we were related? :)
Love your art....I adore assemblage and collage and try my hand at it.
Thanks for an interesting entertaining morning!
Pat Schmidt