Thursday, January 2, 2014

Tuning In

I am tuning back into my blog with my latest creation. This is an interactive piece constructed in a vintage wooden radio case. The starring ventriloquist head was a perfect fit for the circular opening in the case. This piece was over a year in the making due to technical difficulties. My tech adviser, brother in law Bob helped me to make the ventriloquist head  light up when the first dial on the front of the case is turned and to make the mouth move up and down when the second dial is turned. It took a while for Bob to find the perfect MP3 player to fit inside the case to play the sound effect of a vintage radio being tuned through several stations when the third dial is turned.

I am hoping to take inspiration from "Radio Head" and stay tuned in to my blog more often this year. Does that sound like a new year resolution?


Rebeca Trevino said...

welcome back. i missed the whimsey of your work.

here is to a beautifully creative 2014!

Patricia Chapman said...

Thanks Rebeca! And I wish you a joyful new year with plenty of opportunities for creativity and laughter.