Friday, May 14, 2010

More Free Stuff

I went rummaging through my storage drawers to find some wonderful vintage images for you you to save. There is a cabinet photo of a most adorable little girl. A demented photo of a poodle that I found at a flea market in Provence (that would make this dog a REAL french poodle!) A postcard I found with a photo of what appears to be two sisters, one of whom is mighty distressed. I'm thinking that the more placid looking sister has just finished relentlessly teasing her tortured sister. Another cabinet photo of a little girl wearing head gear that makes her look like a rooster. And a cabinet photo of a strangely intense looking couple who are identified on the back as Nancy and Sonie. Enjoy!


Gaby Bee said...

These cab cards are amazing! Thanks for sharing!

Gaby xo

Di said...

Thanks so much for these wonderful pieces of art. They will be used and much loved.
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