Thursday, May 13, 2010

All's Fair At The Fair

Not only have I been busy resolving major computer bummers, but I have been focused the last few weeks on getting ready for the Open Studios Spring Art Fair happening on 29th St. in Boulder this weekend.

I've never participated in an outdoor art show, so one of my first tasks was to put together display panels. The solution I came up with (helped immeasurably by my fabulous sister and brother in law) was to use hollow core doors that I painted black and covered with gray industrial carpet on the front. They are hinged together and set up in an accordion fashion and I must say they are not only functional, but they happen to look pretty damn cool.

Not only did my miraculous sister and brother in law help me with display panels, but they got me an amazing 3-D photo viewing device that I will have with me in my booth to show people some of my larger art that I won't be able to display. The viewer has been programed with images of my art taken with a Fuji Film 3D camera and it is stunning the way the pics leap right out at your eyeballs!

So here's what I want you all to do...Pray for good weather this weekend and if you are anywhere near the Boulder area Saturday and Sunday come visit me at my booth!

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