Saturday, April 10, 2010

Collage First Aid

A thousand pardons for my prolonged absence. This last week I was playing the role of Molly Mover and helping daughter dearest move into her new apartment in Seattle. The week before last I was treating myself to sheer decadence during a one week stay house sitting at a friend's fabulous home in Santa Barbara.

So now I have returned and will attempt to redeem myself by posting some wonderful images that I think would be particularly wonderful for use in collage. These are taken from a vintage Red Cross First Aid book. I have scanned the images in a high enough resolution that the quality will be good. Be sure to enlarge them before saving them.

And my collage tip for all of you who have not tired this particular art form and desperately need to improve your life...The bestest "glue" to use is Golden gel medium. I use soft gel, but regular gel works as well.


ArtSnark said...

Hope you enjoyed your travels. Thanks for sharing these unusual images

Patricia Chapman said...

You're welcome Stacey! I love reaching into my image stash and sharing the bounty.