Monday, March 15, 2010

Assemblage workshop

Over the weekend my two fabulous sisters Kay and Amy came to visit me and I gave them an assemblage workshop experience. They kept telling me how much fun they were having and what a wonderful treat this create-o-rama was for them...but actually they were doing ME a favor! Because I have been wanting to develop an assemblage workshop that I can offer at my studio and my sisters were the perfect guinea pigs for helping me to develop a class.

The top photo is Amy in her turbo creative mode in my studio. Next pic is Amy's assemblage titled "She Came Unhinged". Then a photo of Kay's assemblage/collage "Half Cocked". Next is Amy's assemblage "Cock Of The Walk". And last (but certainly not least) Kay's free standing assemblage piece "Bye, Bye, Birdie"

Multitudes of thanks to my two wonderful, creative, and very talented sisters!


NuminosityBeads said...

That would be a dream to have my two wonderful, creative & talented sisters do a workshop with me!

Although when I was visiting my folks back east I got my son, brother, and sister and niece and even my mother to collaborate on a zine which was a cookbook called KWEE ZINE. It was so much fun that my brother said we need to create a zine every time our family gets together.

Pat, you can view it on FB and even copy it if you wish. It's on the 4th page of my picture albums I think.

I'll move it over to my fanpage if anyone else would like to see it. Just let me know.


PS, that piece I was telling you about also has a cock in it (rooster-kind)
Oh my, I think it's from the same damn toy set too!

Patricia Chapman said...

Hi ya Kim,
Sounds like you have been blessed with great family too!
I went to look at your family's KWEE ZINE. How totally wonderful!!! I DO think you should put it on your fan page, because it is SUCH a lovely idea for a family collaboration and yours is just great.
I thought it was so funny that both my sisters did a cock art piece...and now you are too!!!
Must be something in the air!

NuminosityBeads said...

That's too funny!

Thanks for checking it out, Pat.

I think I found a background at the thrift store today but I won't getting to it until I get back from the Bead Fest. I promise I'll show it to you.


Patricia Chapman said...

Have fun at the Bead Fest!