Sunday, January 10, 2010

La Vie Free

Several years ago I was visiting some friends of mine who have a home in the south of France outside of St. Remy close to the sanitarium where Van Gogh used to hang out . Kinda made me feel a little loony just thinking about it! My friends knew where all the best flea markets and antique shops were and one of my finds was a two book 1923 edition of the Nouveau Dictionnaire De La Vie Pratique. The illustrations are fabulous and I wanted to share some of them with you. From these illustrations you will learn how to fence, play croquet and boules, throw a discus, and rescue a drowning man. Or you may just want to use them for your art. Since I don't know what the copy right issues are I advise you to use them only for your own artistic or educational purposes.


Laura Haviland said...

I love your blog and the yummy lemon cake recipe...
Thanks for sharing,awesome.
I will be back.
Thank you so much for visiting my blog.
Happy New Year,Hugs Laura.
The illustrations are so cool !!!

Patricia Chapman said...

Thanks Laura for checking out my blog and your kind words. I have added a link to your very beautiful and amazing blog.
Happy New Year and Hugs to you too!

Julie Mautner said...

Just sent you email through your site. Love your blog. Can I subscribe? Also love the flea market images above. I buy lots of things like that when I find them in brocantes and markets here in France--they're just very compelling. Thanks for sharing--Julie from

Patricia Chapman said...

Hi Julie,
Glad you like the vintage images. I'll be adding more vintage images from books I've found at the brocantes in France in future posts. The flea markets in France are the best...a couple of my favs are the markets in Villeneuve-Les-Avignon and the Paris market by the Port De Vanves.
Thanks for stopping by!