Thursday, July 23, 2009

Out Of Chaos

I can not only tolerate, but I actually thrive on a certain amount of chaos, but early this week I took a long hard look at the chaos that my studio had devolved into. Lots of stuff that needed to be put away, lots of new work that had not found a place on the walls yet and were sitting on the floor creating an obstacle course, all horizontal surfaces crammed with paint, glue, scissors, objects, papers,.... You get the idea. So this is the result of my massive studio reorganization project. Now I long will it take me to totally mess it up again?

I'll be taking off tomorrow to drive to Santa Fe. I'll be staying with my friend Darlene McElroy and will be helping her out at her booth at the Spanish Art Market this weekend. I'll also get to see the Santa Fe art fair, and visit with friends and Laura Stanziola (the lady with the stuff).


rebecca said...

oh to be walking the isles of spanish market and
find you and darlene...
be still my heart!!!!

Shanice said...

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