Saturday, April 18, 2009

A Whole New World

I want to alert one and all to a fabulous opportunity if you are anywhere near Pasadena, Ca. on the weekend of May 16, 17. My sweet friend, JoAnne Hunot is a person who combines high energy with a huge heart and a wonderfully elevated sense of consciousness. For the past two years JoAnne and her partner Warren Cook have put together the New World Fair in Pasadena and this year will be fair number three. The focus of the fair is all about conscious choices leading to a healthy life style, a healthy ecology, and inner peace. The fair will feature films, workshops, and speakers, as well as fabulous music and dance. And there will be a huge marketplace of exhibitors offering products that promote healthy, holistic living. JoAnne has asked me to come to her fair this year to serve as "art facilitator". I will be there all weekend to help guide people through guaranteed fail proof art related activities. So often people make pronouncements about their lack of artistic ability and tend to limit their creative expression due to a fear of failure. I am going to be at the fair to help folks break through those self imposed limitations. AND also to have a REALLY good time!
See ya there!

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